Is There a Best Day to Buy Gas?

A person pumps gas at a gas station.

We can all probably agree that gas prices have made a significant leap over the last couple of years, and the prices are taking a toll on many people’s wallets. So is there a way to hack gas prices by switching up your buying days?

Turns out, buying gas on the “right” day might actually be cheaper. But what’s the best day to buy gas? Monday.

Many of us dread Mondays, but can’t deny it’s the day of the week to get things done. According to a study by GasBuddy, Monday is the best day of the week to fill your tank.

You can save anywhere from $50-$100 each year by filling up your tank on the right day, though it depends on the type of vehicle you have and how often you drive.

Why is gas cheaper on Mondays? It has to do with supply and demand.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are often the most expensive days, while Fridays are great for topping off and Mondays are perfect for filling up the tank. During the middle of the week, people are thinking about the weekend and where they want to go. Or, they know they have a lot more commuting to do for work, so they’re going to need more gas.

There’s less of a demand for gasoline on Mondays, so you can enjoy a slight price dip. It might not seem like much, but a few saved cents here and there can add up quickly.

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