Wikipedia Has a Fresh New Look

Wikipedia on Phone.

Wikipedia has largely looked the same for the last decade, with no major variations to its design. Now, though, Wikipedia has rolled out what might be its largest redesign ever.

Wikipedia is rolling out a new, more modernized design for the English version of the online encyclopedia. It had previously tested this design in other website languages, but now it’s coming to English Wikipedia, which is the largest version of the website with over 6 million articles. The more important change that you’ll notice, though, is the reduced line width, which is vastly reduced to improve readability on wider screens — a helpful change for all those ultrawide monitor owners.

Wikipedia’s new design.

The new layout also makes it easier to both navigate through articles and read articles in other languages. The layout of the posts themselves isn’t changing much, if at all, since they’re based in the same code and formatting they’ve always had — the only changes are everything around the posts themselves.

With this redesign, Wikipedia aims to improve readability on desktop devices and wide-screened devices in general, as well as to make the design more close to what smartphones currently have. The design is now live in the English version, and it’ll likely roll out to all other Wikipedia languages within the next few weeks.

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