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Dr. Laura Rosser of Prescribing Life talked about neural therapy during the March 31 episode of the “Health Ranger Report” on Brighteon.TV with host Mike Adams.

“Our nervous system has the ability to create new neural pathways and to heal itself as well. So that’s one of the parts and that’s why it’s called neural therapy – because it’s really based on the nervous system. At the same time, we are giving it the ability to heal if there is an issue. And usually with chronic pain, what is happening is that your body is not able to heal itself, and that usually is linked to chronic inflammation,” explained Rosser. (Related: Scientists shocked to discover the human body is full of “mini brains” that function without using the Central Nervous System.)

“So when we are dealing with chronic inflammation, we need to figure out why is that happening, and usually it’s because there is chronic toxicity. But we try to deal with it in different ways. And with neural therapy, we identify the inflammation and through the application of local anesthesia, we are diminishing the inflammatory response in our body. And we’re also increasing the amount of blood, or the circulation, that is going to certain places. So we are increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrition.”

Rosser, who has a master’s degree in Preventive Medicine, Anti-Aging and Longevity, also gave a brief historical background of neural therapy, which is a therapy that started almost 100 years ago in Germany and was founded by brothers Ferdinand and Walter Huneke.

The Huneke brothers were trying to help their sister because she was having chronic pain. They found that through neural therapy they can help her get relief from chronic migraines and fibromyalgia.

Neural therapy is a treatment system to relieve chronic pains and illnesses through the injection of local anesthetics into scars, peripheral nerves, autonomic ganglia, trigger points, glands and other tissues. Treatment is based on normalizing the dysfunctional autonomic nervous system, which initiates or propagates many chronic ailments. It has been widely used by European physicians for over 50 years.

Rosser, a specialist in Integrative Medicine, said the nervous system is a network of information, and this is evident in how the central nervous system, which consists of the brain, the spinal cord and all the nerves in the human body that are all connected, works.

Neural therapy combines Western and Eastern medicine to treat chronic pain

Rosser noted that everything that is happening in a specific area in the body is going to affect everything else. Traditional Chinese medicine sees it that way because it looks into energetic pathways that are all interconnected and can affect other organs of the body.

Neural therapy, which combines Western and Eastern medicine, identifies the problem from an anatomical point of view and sees how the nervous system anatomically extrapolates to some points in the body.

“We also use something that is called dermatome map which is used by neurologists, neurosurgeons and us, neuro-therapists, to identify those neural pathways. And it’s just so great to see how something that started a hundred years ago can also be linked to traditional medicine that has been around for thousands of years,” said Rosser, whose company conducts a telemedicine virtual consultation with their patients first before they are given treatment compatible with them.

The BioNeuroEmotion specialist said that aside from looking into their patients’ medical history in an orthodox and holistic way, they also look into traumatic events that may have affected their patients – such as fractures, surgeries or scar tissues, which she said can be major clues to identify chronic pain in certain areas.

The medical specialist mentioned they use a very low concentration of lidocaine – a local anesthesia – and saline. She said local anesthesia is not just a great numbing agent for minor surgery, but is also a great anti-inflammatory agent. Rosser added that it can open up blood vessels and increase the concentrations of oxygenation and nutrition in specific areas that have been depleted.

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Watch the full March 31 episode of the “Health Ranger Report” below. “Health Ranger Report” airs every weekday at 3-3:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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