Avoid the BIGGEST Mistake Vegetarians Are Making

Vegetarian-Chinese-Cookbook-smallWhile many people become vegetarians for health reasons, they’re making one mistake that is making them unhealthier than ever. Luckily, there is a solution. What’s the solution you ask? Chinese food.

In the last few years vegetarianism and veganism have been on the rise, especially among young people. The rise in vegetarianism is a result of increasing awareness of health, the environment, and compassion for animals. Vegetarians abstain from the consumption of any meat, whether it is beef, poultry, seafood, or anything else. Harris Interactive, an independent research firm, released a poll saying that the number of vegetarian youth in the United States has increased 70% in the last few years alone! More and more people are turning to vegetarianism for a healthier way of life.

Healthy eating and lifestyle sounds great…there’s just one problem. Often times vegetarians, especially new vegetarians, end up falling into a pattern of unhealthy eating habits as a result of the vegetarianism, accomplishing the opposite of what they set out to accomplish. Vegetarians often get bored eating the same foods day in and day out as a lack of interesting food options, and turn to unhealthy options. Processed snack Foods are one of the most common fillers vegetarians turn to when they just can’t think of anything to eat, or don’t know how to cook satisfying vegetarian meals. Open up any online cooking site and you’re flooded with meatloaf recipes, the tastiest burgers, and chicken parmesan. It takes careful sorting to find interesting vegetarian recipes that actually taste good.

As a result of the lack of resources online, e-books are popping out right and left promoting the best vegetarian recipes. But which e-books are the best? Jim Yang, a vegetarian and food enthusiast, decided to create one of his own, Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking. He created a Chinese Vegetarian cookbook which is full of delicious and healthy Chinese recipes that you can prepare in just minutes.

Yang’s book is one of the best buys when it comes to Vegetarian recipe e-books. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, the recipes in the cookbook are healthy and flavorful, and a great addition to any kitchen pantry. With the cookbook you learn:

  • How to cook authentic vegetarian meals
  • 16 Fundamental cooking techniques that will have you cooking like a pro chef
  • Simple, yet exotic recipes
  • Chinese recipes that will save you hours upon hours of cooking time
  • How to use the healthiest cooking ingredients in your meals

The only downside of this e-book, is that it is Chinese recipes. You won’t find a recipe for a veggie burger in Yang’s book. However, the recipes are delicious, interesting, and will certainly spice up your meals. Tried and true.

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