Make Your Own Customized Doormat

We put a lot of thought into the sign on our home door, but we rarely dedicate the same attention to our doormats. But these can be just as fun and playful as the door sign warning about your cat’s bad temper. Swap your generic “Welcome” doormat for one with a witty remark or an inside joke you made from scratch! Take a trip to a local department store and follow these easy steps to customize your doormat.

What you need

Check your house for the following items: plain coir doormat, black spray paint, clear spray sealant, painter’s tape, craft knife or scissors, paper, and printer (optional). Get the missing items from the nearby department store or craft store.

Create a stencil

Once you have the desired text in mind, print it on a paper using the biggest font possible. You can also just write it yourself in big, chunky letters if you have the penmanship for it. Just make sure it scales with the size of your doormat. (Use several sheets if necessary.) Next, cut the letters out to create a stencil and lay it out on the mat.

Secure the stencil in place

For this part, you will need the painter’s tape. Use the tape to make sure the stencil is firmly located on the blank mat. Remember to pay attention to letters with holes in them (like Os or Bs) and secure their centerpieces as well so you don’t end up with unnecessary paint blocks.

Spray away

You might want to take this part outside or at least lay some newspaper under the mat to avoid spraying your floor. Use the black spray paint and spray over the whole stencil. Work with short, steady spurts. Let the paint dry for a few minutes and spray additional coats for an opaque finish. When the paint is all dry, remove the stencil and grab the can of clear spray sealant. Spray the whole mat with the protective spray to keep it from fading.

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