Mirror Tricks for Small, Dark Rooms

We all like our living space to feel sunny and spacious, but not all of us can afford such houses. However, there are ways to make whatever glorified matchbox you live in look a little more like your fantasy home. The easiest way to do it is by using a mirror, and we have some tips from designers Vern Yip, Elaine Griffin, and Will Taylor to teach exactly how.

Big mirrors, small frames

Big mirrors are a sure found way to make your apartment look bigger because the reflection makes your living space look double in size. However, you want to avoid mirrors with heavy or ornate frames. Stick to large mirrors with minimal frames.


How high should it be?

Sure, you can always hang the mirror over your headboard, or mantle, but what about just a plain wall? When hanging a mirror on a wall you want it to be at your eye level. On average, that means about 60 inches from the floor to the middle point of the mirror. This rule of thumb also works for pictures and paintings. If you’re hanging a mirror next to a painting, leave at least 2 inches between the two to avoid the feel of a “heavy” wall.

Use the reflection

A mirror’s reflection not only doubles the visual space. When paired with a light source, it also doubles the light and warms up a room’s atmosphere. So consider a small table with a desk lamp by your biggest mirror and watch the place light up. Candles work too as long as you’re careful. Positioning your mirror opposite a window or a brightly colored wall will have a similar effect.


All over the wall

For tiny hallways, consider covering a whole wall with a mirror (or just use an oversized one if it’s too much of a hassle). The wall you cover should be the one you don’t see from where you normally approach the hallway. This trick will help the hallway look like less of a tunnel.

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