Most Dangerous Species on the Planet

Nature is beautiful. It can also be quite deadly, though. As you well know from reading our previous article about the most dangerous animals in the world, some creatures out there are not to be messed with. As per your request, we researched and came up with another host of wild beings that are best enjoyed only when watching National Geographic.

Tiger Shark

Anyone in their right mind would steer clear of sharks. Any kind of shark, not just the great white one. Similar to the great white, the tiger shark is huge and does attack humans, but that doesn’t mean it can’t.


Most of the tiger shark attacks happen during the night. If you do have a tiger shark coming across your path while in the ocean, you do not need to panic, just try to keep calm (as much as you can, you are still a short distance away from an apex predator) and swim away to safety.

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