These Everyday Kitchen Items You Can Use in a Whole New Way

The kitchen is the heart of the house. Nothing says “home” more than a homecooked meal. But no matter who the chef behind that meal is, we bet they aren’t using their utensils’ full potential. Use these tips to make the most out of your kitchen experience.

The Oven Drawer

Social media has made a great impact on the mom community, and mom blogs with cooking recommendations are all the rage right now. So, you know that drawer you have under your built-in oven? That same one where you keep your pots and pans? Apparently, that drawer was meant for something completely different.

It was actually designed to be a food-warming compartment. After your food is done cooking, it needs to be stored until mealtime. The place to store it in is that lower drawer, as it holds some of the leftover heat from the oven. It’s also pretty easy to take it apart when you want to clean your oven.

Colorful Bread Tags

You know the little bag seals that come with the bread you get at the grocery store? At first, you may not notice the color of these clasps, but you might want to. These colors are not random. They serve as an indicator telling you exactly how old the bread is.

In fact, each colored tag says the days of the week when this specific loaf was made and delivered to your supermarket. Also, the colors are organized in alphabetical order so you can easily find the freshest bag.

Can Openers

Can openers aren’t only good for opening cans. Hardware companies have been trying to design an ideal tool for opening that ridiculously annoying plastic packaging that comes with electric chargers and other toys. You know, the one you need a pair of heavy-duty scissors for but still end up cutting yourself?

Well, they have been experimenting with different tools specifically made to open that thick plastic packaging, but there is a much simpler solution sitting in your kitchen drawer the entire time. That’s right, your can opener can cut through the edges of the plastic package and you don’t have to cut your own fingers in the process!

Pasta Spoons

You know that large hole most pasta spoons have in the middle? They aren’t there just for the sake of draining your pasta. This hole can also function as a measuring tool. It fits about two ounces (one serving) of spaghetti, fettuccine, or angel hair pasta. Some pasta spoons are even designed with multiple holes to measure out different portions.

The pasta spoon hole is pretty easy to use. Just slide some dry pasta into the hole until the fit is tight. Remember to take into account the number of people you feed and repeat as necessary.

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