The Real Truth Behind Viking Culture

The Vikings were seafaring people that were around from the late eight to the early eleventh century. They were very well-established explorers, traders, and warriors who had discovered America long before Columbus did. Most people would refer to Vikings as savages who were really only out there for women and treasures, but there was much more to them than that. Keep reading to discover myths and uncover the truth about who the Vikings really were.

Vikings Cared About Personal Hygiene

If someone asked you to picture a Viking, what would come to mind? You would probably assume that they had long hair and straggly beards. You may also assume that they didn’t take care of their personal hygiene. You would be correct about one of those assumptions. Vikings typically had longer hair and beards, but they were rather clean people, who took measures to take care of their appearance.

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Grooming tools and equipment have been uncovered over the years to prove this. Combs, razors, and even ear swabs were discovered, and they were used by both men and women. Having poor personal hygiene is just one of many myths about Vikings.

They Never Wore Horned Helmets

There has never been any evidence discovered by archaeologists that would prove the Vikings wore horned helmets. However, they did wear skullcaps, which were obviously intended to protect their skulls from any impact.

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The idea of the horned helmets came about during the 19th century, however, it was Richard Wagner’s cycle of four operas that implanted the horned helmet image into our imaginations. To this day, there are still many filmmakers, cartoonists, and artists who continue to keep this myth alive.

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