Small Tricks to Kickstart Your DIY To-Do List at Home

Do you have a box of things that you’ve set aside to fix in your free time? Or a drawer of glues and half-used nail polish in a drawer somewhere? Well, it’s time to bring it all together and start crossing off that at-home DIY on the to-do list with these hacks.

Essential Polish

If you have yet to purchase your first can of wooden furniture polish, do not worry. Try to get your hands on some lemon essential oil and a damp cloth. You are all set to start polishing. Alternatively, some tea tree oil works too. It also contains the qualities that act as an insect deterrent. The only no-go area is the surface where you prepare your food. There are some qualities in essential oils that aren’t safe for human consumption.

Wax On, Wax Off

Have you cleaned up after a dinner party and got instantly upset when you saw that the candle wax had melted onto the nice tablecloth?  Don’t grab the knife and start hacking away. Be cool and place an ice block on top of the wax for a little bit. After the ice block has chilled, it should be easy to peel it off the fabric. If the wax got on your carpet, don’t panic. When the wax has solidified and cooled, get the iron on steam mode and a paper. Place the paper bag over the wax and hold the iron above the area. The iron isn’t to touch the paper bag, for the steam is to get the candle wax to stick to the paper bag. After a few moments, you’ll see the wax should have separated from the carpet and should start sticking to the bag.


Vinegar, The Secret Weapon

You know it’s movie night when the smell of buttery popcorn starts drifting from the microwave in the air. You know it was movie night last week when the smell of popcorn still lingers in the microwave. Well, don’t fret, to get those odors out of the microwave, place a bowl of vinegar in the microwave for a couple of minutes and wipe it down. It is very satisfying to clean a kitchen, especially when you see the transition of the countertop from a mess to a clean, shiny surface. What can be frustrating is the streaks that are left behind. If you don’t have a spare spray bottle, use a damp cloth. Mix a bit of cold water with some vinegar in a bowl and give it a final wipe down. Rinse all the ammonia-based products out of the cloth before using.

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